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Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Sexually Transmitted Infections.

These conversation topics are just not easy to talk about - even at the best of times!

So what if something is not quite right? How can you raise these issues without an uneasy feeling?

Being uncomfortable, maybe embarrassed to discuss such issues can often delay simple therapies or miss that opportunity altogether...  turning a relatively simple problem into a complex medical problem!

Raising awareness for difficult conversations is what we do!

The Profile Shop is a dedicated store for pelvic health needs, offering reliable products and resources in a single online location.

The Team at The Profile Shop provide an efficient, discreet and professional service ensuring you receive a seamless online shopping experience. 

    The Profile Shop is Australia's premier online store for pelvic health & hygiene solutions.





    Please note:   The Profile Shop does not offer, nor authorised to provide medical advice and is not accredited to dispense prescription medications. Should you require any medical attention we can only advise you to seek medical attention from a registered medical practitioner.