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Tiemann Tip Catheter - FIRM (Box of 10)

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This Uromed Tiemann Tip Catheter (Firm) has a stiff tip for guidance when placing the catheter.
Features of the Uromed Tiemann Tip (Firm) Catheter:
  • Firm Tiemann Tip
  • Conical, Dilating Tip
  • 1 Eyelet,
  • Length 43 cm
  • Stable Guidance With Stiff Tip
  • Smooth Transition of the Tip to Balloon
  • Wide Lumen
  • Soft Balloon
  • Pure 100% Silicone

All Uromed Tiemann and Coude Tip catheters are made from high quality pure silicone, Uromed are specialists in drainage aids for incontinence care with over 50 years experience in leading catheter technology.

A 2-way Foley Catheter is a tube inserted into the bladder to drain out urine. 2-way meaning two channels, one for drainage of urine and the other to secure the catheter in the bladder by inflating a small balloon.

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