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SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test

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SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test measures the number of the strongest Progressive Motile Sperm Cells, which is the only type of sperm cells that can fertilise the Ovum (egg) for conception

  • Easy and quick home test, instead of a visit to the doctor
  • With an outstanding level of accuracy of 96% validated against WHO GOLD Standard (2010)
  • Gives results of sperm quality after just 30 minutes

The box contains one SwimCount™ test, one collection cup and one syringe that shall be used to transfer the sample from the cup to the test as well as a user manual.


Why SwimCount™ is different?

SwimCount ™ Sperm Quality Test works very differently compared to other sperm tests on the market, as it specifically separates and measures the QUALITY of the sperm samples in the form of the number of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs). PMSCs are the only type of sperm cells that are able to swim and fertilise the ovum, which is the natural way to achieve pregnancy. 

SwimCount ™ is simply a Sperm QUALITY test, not like the typical home tests which only measure quantity and not Progressive Motile Sperm Cells. 

 You can view the instruction video here.

You can also download the full Instructions For Use here.

Sale of SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test is restricted to Australian residents only.