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Over-The-Wire 3-Way Catheter | Box/10

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Over-The-Wire  3-Way Catheters from Uromed allow for continuous irrigation and are specifically designed to be inserted along the urethra using a guidewire.

Particularly beneficial when catheter access is obstructed and yet a guidewire may pass through to the bladder. 

Ideal for cleansing the bladder by continuous irrigation and drainage or can be used post-surgical intervention. 

Features of the Over-The-Wire 3-Way Balloon Catheter include:

  • Pure silicone
  • Conical with central open tip 
  • 3-way catheter
  • 2 large, staggered drainage eyelets
  • length 43 cm
  • Short, non-kinking tip
  • High irrigation and drainage capacity
  • Radiopaque tip
  • Available in sizes 18CH-24CH
  • Over-The-Wire: Central hole for guidewire size 0.035''/0.89 mm

Product Code: URM 2085

Sold as Box/10

All Uromed catheters are made from high quality pure silicone, Uromed are specialists in drainage aids for incontinence care with over 50 years experience in leading catheter technology.

A 3-Way Catheter sits in the bladder, held in place by a balloon, has the capacity to "irrigate" through an irrigation channel, as well as offering simultaneous outflow through a drainage channel. Continuous irrigation catheters can also assist to cleanse the bladder of sediment or when cystitis occurs and there is a need to cleanse the bladder. Additionally these catheters can be used on male patients post-surgery of the bladder or prostate as a tamponade, or as immediate relief to bladder outlet obstruction.