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CYSTOBAG® MINI KS 500ml | Urine Drainage Bag, 50cm Tube

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CYSTOBAG® MINI 500ml 50cm  is multi-chamber-urine leg bag with fleece cover

CYSTOBAG® MINI 500ml 50cm is designed especially for mobile patients. Due to an innovative three-chamber-system unwelcome noises of flowing urine are stifled. Beyond that a discrete wearing of the system at the lower leg or femur is ensured.

Features of CYSTOBAG® MINI 500 include:

  • 500ml capacity (Leg Bag)
  • 50cm tube
  • Short bag length
  • T-tap-outlet, one-handed use to avoid contamination
  • Attachment for night bags
  • No-return-valve
  • Fleece cover on the reverse side of the bag

CYSTOBAG® urine drainage aids are signature systems from Uromed. Uromed are specialists in drainage aids for incontinence care.

Sold as box of 10 pieces.