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صمام قسطرة أوروميد

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Uromed Catheter Valve is an easy to use valve for emptying the bladder.  

Features of the Uromed Catheter Valve:

  • Conveniently adaptable to catheter/catheter bag 
  • The Uromed Catheter Valve has a conically graduated connector that  ensures simple and safe connection between catheter valve and catheter
  • Smooth lever mechanism and blue in colour. This makes the device highly suitable for patients with reduced dexterity and easily identifiable, even for those who have a visual impairment
  • Clearly Labelled "Open" and "Close"
  • Large lumen allows fast emptying of the bladder and reducing the risk of becoming blocked.
  • DEHP- and latex-free  

The Uromed Catheter Valve is a small and very lightweight design, you can hardly notice this valve is attached to the catheter. 

All Uromed catheter valves and drainage accessories are high quality, Uromed are specialists in drainage aids for incontinence care with over 50 years experience in leading catheter technology.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of this product.

Sold as Box/5 pieces.

Bundle & Save: Buy 3 or more boxes and receive an automatic 20% discount when you checkout! Available for online sales only.