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نظام القسطرة لمرة واحدة SIMPLYCATH® 40 سم

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SIMPLYCATH® Disposable Catheter System is a pre-lubricated transurethral catheter with integrated urine bag.

SIMPLYCATH® Disposable Catheter System 40cm for intermittent self-catheterisation includes:

  • 40 centimetres (cm)
  • Lubricating gel over the catheter
  • Atraumatic eyelets 
  • Introducer tip to prevent contamination
  • For Immediate Use
  • Discreet and easy to use
  • Thin foil with anti-slip-effect
  • Insertion guide
  • Urine collection capacity: 1100 ml
  • Finger grip and holding loops for fixation
  • DEHP-free materials

SIMPLYCATH® is manufactured by Uromed. Uromed are specialists in catheters and drainage aids for incontinence care with over 50 years experience in leading catheter technology.

Product Code: URM 3601

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