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قسطرة 3-Way Couvelaire تلميح بروسيل

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This Prosil 3-Way Couvelaire Tip Catheter from Uromed allows for continuous irrigation and maximal drainage.

Features of the Prosil 3-Way Couvelaire Tip Catheter:

  • Pure silicone
  • Couvelaire tip
  • 3-way catheter
  • 2 large, staggered drainage eyelets
  • length 43 cm
  • Short, non-kinking tip
  • High irrigation and drainage capacity
  • Radiopaque tip
  • Available in sizes 18CH-22CH

A 3-Way Catheter sits in the bladder, held in place by a balloon, has the capacity to "irrigate" through an irrigation channel, as well as offering simultaneous outflow through a drainage channel. Continuous irrigation catheters can also assist to cleanse the bladder of sediment or when cystitis occurs and there is a need to cleanse the bladder. Additionally these catheters can be used on male patients post-surgery of the bladder or prostate as a tamponade, or as immediate relief to bladder outlet obstruction. 

All Uromed Prosil catheters are made from high quality pure silicone, Uromed are specialists in drainage aids for incontinence care with over 50 years experience in leading catheter technology.